Monday, January 21, 2013

You Cannot Be Serious! Tennis star Novak Djokovic tested?

Not a cheater but a cheating victim!
Given the state of the state of sports today what does this headline about Novak Djokovic mean to you?

Within the past week or so the world of sports has had at least three news stories hit the wires that at one time would have been shocking to fans everywhere.

The first came when the Baseball Hall of Fame, due to the opinion of eligible voters and despite some candidates with stellar and record setting career statistics, had no one qualify for induction.

The second, surprising to some and coming as no surprise to others, came when Lance Armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs on his way to winning seven straight Tour de France titles.

The third was a story as bizarre as any in recent memory when it turned out that the girlfriend of Notre Dame star Manti Te'o, who supposedly died of cancer on the same day that Te'o's grandmother died, apparently never existed at all. Some say he was the innocent victim of a cruel hoax while others speculate that the story could have been concocted to help the players Heisman Trophy campaign.

So whether an athlete is getting an edge through the use of performance enhancing methods that break the rules or by using imaginary stories, the degradation of ethics, morals and certainly the spirit of sports has unfortunately become so commonplace and expected in both amateur and professional athletics that it no longer comes as any great surprise.

ESPN SportscCenter headline reads 'Djokovic tested'!

So when I was in the gym and saw this headline my immediate thought was that he failed a drug test. This would have been an extremely big deal, particularly given his #1 ranking the incredible season that he had last year.

It turns out that when they finally got around to the story Djokovic did not fail a drug test or violate any rules but had been pushed and tested on the court in a tough five set match.

Isn't it unfortunate though that we have gotten so used to cheating and a general lack of moral fibre that  these stories or others like them do not conjure up much of a reaction beyond oh well, here we go again.

Whether it's sports, business, religion or politics the one thing that is for certain is that our society seems to be on the decline and that we better catch it and turn it around soon or it will be beyond any hope of saving!

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