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Reader response and writer opinion from Liberaltown, New York!

Or more clearly, one of the many Liberaltown's in New York!

These are not responses to articles at The Political Commentator, but to a friend of mine who writes editorials for one of the many ultra-local newspapers on Long Island.

Because a rather high percentage of this towns population is comprised by citizens of the Jewish faith, it's therefore quite predictable that any opinions written by this man that run contrary to the idea that Barack Obama is one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever had the pleasure of putting in office, would receive a rancorous and negative response that includes the obligatory name calling.

And, as documented in TPC many times in the past ("Barack Obama: American Jews may finally be starting to see the light"), the fact that Barack Obama is seemingly no great friend of the Jews or of Israel, doesn't seem to carry any sway with a religious demographic that will tend to vote Democrat from cradle to grave. No matter who the Democrat running for office is and what it is that the candidate stands for.

Compounding this idea is the Obama administration's apparent lack of foreign policy savvy, or maybe great savvy that's sadly misdirected, that has led to Middle East unrest and to an Islamist regime being installed in Egypt.

This installation has come along with billions in aid and sophisticated military equipment being sent that country's way despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is securely in charge of Israel's closest neighbor and former closest "ally" in the region.

It will be quite interesting to see Barack Obama's stance when Mohammed Morsi, President of Egypt, arrives in the United States and demands the release of the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman.

With past President's other than Jimmy Carter that response would have been quite predictable. Not so here!

Reader thoughts and the writer's opinions about Barack Obama from Long Island, New York!

It's been quite an educational experience reading what some of your readers think of me. 

One reader said, "Dr _____ never has anything good to say about our President". Another one wrote, "Dr ______ should be permanently banned from this newspaper " 

A fuming Progressive said, "All you Great Neck rich guy's don't care about anyone else". 

But my all time "favorite" was, "The Republican convention was racist, therefore anyone attending it must be a racist as well." 

The Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves. Freedom of speech and the press, guilt by association, attacking the messenger instead of the message. WOW! Obama-suporters, this was not your greatest hour. Don't these type of comments bother you? Aren't you ashamed?

But, what do you want me to do? The President did say in 2008: "If I don't turn things around in a year, I deserve to be a one-term President." He started with a distinct advantage. He had a Democratic majority in Congress and a mandate to spend as much money as necessary in order to fix the worse financial disaster since the Great Depression. I just can't figure out why so many of his supporters get so defensive, accusatory and personal, when anyone as much as questions his policies.

So after four long years of big government intervention and spending, where exactly are we today?

-We still have a disastrous 14% under-employment rate. His massive job's bill didn't help much at all.

- We still have an minuscule 2% GDP, the lowest since

WW 2 , in spite of his huge stimulus spending.

-His expenditures have resulted in a 1.3 Trillion dollar deficit in each of his four years, despite his claim that his programs would actually lower the debt. No administration in history has ever spent so much of their taxpayer's money. To put all of this in proper perspective, the CBO stated last month that after his eight years, the national debt may well be as high as 21 trillion dollars!

-Social Security and Medicare will still run out of money in 12 years despite his claim that he was saving the program.

-The housing market is still tanking, foreclosures are counted in the millions, and mortgages are only available to a select few. He has tried lowering the interest rates, an expensive bank bailout, and massive Dodd-Frank regulations. All of them have not solved the housing problem .

-After his first 4 years, welfare programs are at a all time high,including the 43 million Americans on food-stamps. His policy of providing extra years of unemployment benefits and an huge expansion of student loans have not remedied this situation either.

48% of all american families do not pay any federal Income tax. His theory of raising the income tax rate of the top 2 % without reducing any expenditures, has still resulted in a trillion dollar deficit.

-We have the most people now below the poverty line in spite of his $700 billion dollar, shovel-ready stimulus program.

Am I the only one worried? Am I the only one who thinks that four years is more than enough time to judge the success of any program? Please don't tell me how bad it would have been or the millions of jobs he "saved".

Rachel Maddow and Paul Krugman both think that the problem is that we just didn't spend enough money. They can't be serious. Chris Matthews believes that it was worth it. Really? Gone are all those evil, rich Republicans. No more lobbyists or special interest groups. Are you sure? The middle-class is finally represented in DC. The poor will be protected from cradle to grave. The rich will finally pay their "fair share". What an interpretation! ! The NY Times has assured us that Obama will now be listening to all dissenting opinions and he will even use some of those Conservative ideas, My problem is that I don't believe him and I feel we will have 4 more years of divisive, accusatory rhetoric accompanied by a further expansion of big government and higher taxes and deficits.

One thing is for certain.He can now no longer blame his failures on his predecessor,

In spite of what some of your readers may say about me, I do want this administration to succeed. Therefore I hope that the following candidates are considered by our President for his second administration:

1- For the new Director of the Department of Mental Health, please consider Lisa Weiss, who was the recipient of the pictures of Congressman Anthony Weiner's "wiener". She solidified her confirmation this week, by tweeting: "Anthony, we need you back in politics". Of course, if available, the ex-Congressman is definitely my first choice.

2- Al Gore, with a spectacular résumé as a Congressman, Senator, Vice President, Presidential candidate and savior of all polar bears and arctic penguins, and who has an estimated net worth of over one billion dollars, this week sold his failing company, "Current TV", to the blatantly anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel, U.S. hating, Pan-Arab news channel, Al-Jazeera. His 20% share netted him a hefty $200 million dollar profit, He should be Obama's perfect choice for Ambassador to Israel.

3- Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo was recently arrested for drunk driving and this week plead guilty to the DUI. We all think he would be a spectacular Secretary of Transportation.

4- Why would you select Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary when I know you should consider the mayor of Concord, Massachusetts. This "brilliant" mayor, last month, solved his town's financial problems, by passing a new ordinance banning all sales of plastic water bottles. Please stop laughing! Its really true! With this innovative approach, (sounds like a typical Harvard grad to me) can you think of anyone better qualified than this mayor, to replace Tim Geithner ? A second possibility you must consider is New Jersey Governor Jon Corazine. Anyone who can't remember what he did with 1.2 Billion dollars is "my type of guy!" By the way, Tim Geithner has promised the IRS that in the future, he would not forget to file his own income taxes on time,

5- Showing his infatuation with our two-term President, New York City Democratic Congressman, Jose Serrano feels that 8 years of Obama is not quite enough, so this week he again proposed a bill to repeal the constitutional limitation on presidential term limits. If you don't believe me, it's H.J.Res.15. Look it up. Please show your loyalty to this long term supporter and constitutional expert by offering him a Supreme Court nomination.

Great news! You have already accepted my #6 recommendation and his nomination is on its way to the Senate for confirmation.

6- Senator Chuck Hagel,

( R-Nebraska) infuriated every one with his homophobic views, his anti-Israeli stance, his desire to legitimize Hamas and their "destruction of Israel" platform, his policy of appeasement toward the Iranian nuclear proliferation by voting against sanctions, his opposition to the "surge", and finally, his strong belief that very drastic cuts are mandatory at the Pentagon. Mr. President: Our fighting forces just can't wait for their new leader. I second his nomination.

    "Suppose you were an idiot. 
      And suppose you were a 
      member of Congress. 
      But I repeat myself."  
           Mark Twain, 1912 

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