Sunday, January 6, 2013

Michele Flournoy for Secretary of Defense: Another brick in the Obama wall to weaken America or great choice?

Update January 6, 2013 8:45 AM: The question of whether Michele Flournoy will be nominated for the position of Secretary of Defense is on hold for now as the even more controversial selection of former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel has apparently been made. 

This fact does not, however, negate the potential for the selection of Flournoy at some point in the future if the confirmation process for Hagel ends unsuccessfully. 

While Hagel is not the easy way for Obama to go for a smooth confirmation process, after the Susan Rice Secretary of State debacle he most likely could not see the way clear to pull back another one of his choices for a Cabinet position. 

At the same time even the discussion that he might have to should call into question the quality of his decision making process.

In the dangerous world we currently live in, what would the Obama strategy be for nominating a Defense Secretary who has no military experience?

In the event that Michele Flournoy moved off of the short-list of candidates and was nominated by President Obama for Defense Secretary, would placing a technocrat in this position merely be one more way of him telling both our friends and our enemies that the United States has a reduced interest in protecting either itself or its allies?

After all if the first Obama term that was highlighted (low-lighted?) by the failure to secure our own citizens in Benghazi along with the subsequent cover-up of said failure taught us anything, it's that President Obama is more concerned with transforming America to a socialist economy than he is in protecting its borders!

On the other hand would, as some claim, Flournoy represent a brilliant choice based on the fact that she is;

"An inveterate policy wonk who first worked in the Pentagon under President Clinton and later co-founded a respected think tank, Flournoy, 52, has spent two decades climbing to the top of Washington's notoriously male-dominated national security establishment, winning the admiration of military officers and politicians from both parties even as she remained out of the spotlight." (Source)

As with everything Barack Obama says and does we may never know his true intentions and, after an election that came with great consequences, the American people are relegated to a position of mere spectators who can only hope and pray for the best out of this President in his 2nd-term!

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