Monday, January 7, 2013

Mayday, Mayday: Has Iran gone nuclear?

While Obama dithers with his socialist agenda and at the same ignores our national security, is it now already too late to stop Iran's nuclear program?

Fiscal cliff? Debt ceiling? Gun control? When Iran builds a nuclear bomb and provides terrorists with the capability of bringing a weapon into the U.S., will any of it matter anyway.

Due to a 1st-term in office that has been highlighted by his benign neglect of the nation's national security interests, Barack Obama has put the United States into a position where it faces a clear and present danger from the terrorist regime in Iran.

This fact is made all the more unfortunate as his only true job as Commander-in-Chief is to insure the safety of the country and its people! As kids would say, his performance has been a major "FAIL"!


Iran successfully has built a nuclear bomb with the help of Russia and North Korea and has enough weapons-grade uranium and plutonium for more, according to a source in the Revolutionary Guards intelligence unit.

The source, who has access to Iran’s nuclear program, said the Islamic regime is working out of seven nuclear sites, most unknown to the IAEA, and that its nuclear bomb program is complete.
North Korea has provided the regime with plutonium for nuclear warheads, the source verified, and the last obstacle to overcome is arming missiles with those warheads.

Read the complete article at WND here.

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