Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What does our future hold: Jim DeMint and Heritage in New York City for the Presidents' Tour!

New York City Heritage Presidents’ Tour

Tuesday I attended the kick-off event of the Heritage Presidents’ Tour that featured the introduction of the new leader of the conservative think tank, former Senator Jim DeMint.

Prior to entering the meeting room I had the opportunity to mingle and speak with many other like-minded thinkers who came to New York City from around the tri-state area.

They came as I did to hear the how and what concerning the ways in which the conservative movement would attempt to reverse the outcome of the most recent election in future elections.

This is critical as this was an election that has essentially mired the United States in four more years of a socialist status quo domestically coupled with the likely absence of any attention paid to national security or foreign policy in an increasingly dangerous world.

To be in position for winning future elections, however, in my opinion a problem exists that needs to be addressed not only by the conservative movement but by Republicans, RINO’s, Libertarians and anyone else not a member of the Left as well.

First let me perfectly clear! No one, certainly not I, advocates deviating from the conservative ideals and positions that would, when successfully implemented, help to put the country back on the right track in the near-term and forward into the future.

The problem, however, is that unless all of the various factions that revolve around similar ideals learn to in some way work together instead of allowing the Democrat machine to fracture and pull them apart, I fear that we may be witnesses to a tragic sea change in our American way of life and certainly the American two-party political system of politics.

How many times during the most recent election cycle, after Mitt Romney had won the nomination, did we witness various factions of the anti-Obama crowd disparage him as one thing or another and paint him as a flawed candidate.

While that may or may not have been true, there was no more flawed candidate then the one who ended up winning a second-term in the White House.

All of the infighting helped to bring us to where we were on Monday. Watching Barack Obama and Joe Biden lead a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Politics is to business as the current Republican Party is to Chapter 11!

What is it that makes one company more successful than another company, particularly when both are offering products that reside in the same general product category? And what if one of those company's is actually selling a product that happens to be toxic to those who come into contact with it? 

How could it possibly be that the product which is toxic actually outsells the one that's non-toxic and the company offering toxicity thrives while the other is teetering on the edge of insolvency?

What is it that defines the success of one and the failure of the other?  

With politics now resembling a business, one with a huge marketing budget in the billion plus dollar range at that, many of the same tools that are used to promote a company or a product now need to be used to promote a candidate or a party.

Unfortunately it is no longer good enough simply to have the right platform and solutions that will help to ensure the strong and vibrant future of the country!

This is because if your opponent is provided the opportunity to define your candidates and your party as evil, radical, uncaring, vicious, women hating, minority hating you are not going to win!

If I remember a concept correctly that I was taught in business school, the Tea Party and Republicans in the last campaign cannibalized their own product and ate their young while at the same time handing an extremely winnable race to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama and the Democrats on the other hand have honed their brand of evil marketing down to a science.

How did this happen?

In the first place the public faces of the conservative movement, correct as they may be in their thinking, scare the crap out of those on the other side who might potentially have had even the slightest chance of being swayed in their opinions. 

Part of this is due to the angry delivery and part due to the successful way in which they are depicted by the MSM and the Left as crazy zealots and ideologues who define and are the proxies for the entirety of the Right and Republican Party.

Whether they are on the radio or on TV these mouthpieces in the public eye unfortunately do little to convince anyone that this isn't the fact! And we all know the names; Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Levin and Malkin to name just a few.

I listen to them, agree with them most of the time and wish that others would take the time and the effort to truly listen as well to the message and information that they disseminate. 

But, for the media and the Democrats who look for any edge to try and destroy the Right, these commentators provide them with the basketball equivalent of the slam-dunk, baseball equivalent of a grand slam and the football equivalent of a 109-yard kickoff return.

The politicians we parade in front of the camera are not much better in inspiring hope and optimism. While the content of their message is correct the delivery comes across as negative and frightening.

The Democrats offers a message of a never-ending Christmas even though everyone knows it will bankrupt the nation while Republicans are portrayed as Scrooge. Again the content of the Right's message is spot-on, but a new way of packaging it needs to be created.

The general public, 50% or so who receive some form of government subsidy, needs to be made to understand in a palatable way why pared back benefits or benefits delayed by a year or two are a necessity. This while at the same time the other side campaigns on keeping the status quo presents a daunting task to say the least.

Here then is the challenge for Jim DeMint and the rest of the braintrust at Heritage, the Republican caucus, the Tea Party and for all other corners of the non-liberal Obamabot world.

Come up with a way and develop a strategy to issue the message and the party platform without the media and the Left being given the opportunity to shoot the messenger.

If you can do that we will have a chance in the mid-term elections and beyond. If you cannot, well then, God help us all!

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