Friday, January 25, 2013

Egypt - I brought a knife to the fight while giving my enemy guns?

Update January 26, 2013Additional Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Anti-Semitic Statements Found
Thinking about national security 
Now why on earth would I commit an insane act like that?

First let's remember that the very definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again getting one outcome, then expecting a different outcome the next time you do it.

I could be wrong but that definition sounds very much like the national security policy of Barack Obama when dealing with terrorists, terrorist enablers and all other bad actors around the world. 

Now back to my story. I handed over these theoretical weapons of mine despite the fact that I was 100% sure that the people I was giving them to were my enemy and, not only that, but was also 100% sure that they were also the enemy of my friends.

To be honest, I would do this only because the weapons recipient assured me that they sincerely meant me, and all of my friends, no harm!

Although it was only recently that they had stood on the street corner shouting to the rooftops their hatred for me and for anyone like me, shouldn't I be giving them the benefit of the doubt and believe their words over actual behavior?

After all, what kind of a human being would tell me to my face something that wasn't true in order to get the weaponry that I was prepared to give them? And to be so distrustful, what kind of a human being would that make me?

The scenario I provide is of course preposterous, for who in their right mind would ever arm their enemy?

And what kind of a leader would ever fall for the words uttered by a well documented enemy duly sworn to wipe me out?

Who? Our very own purveyor of disingenuous rhetoric I suppose! 

Of course the man of whom I speak is none other than the Dear Leader of the United States, one Barack Obama!

Now understandably many Americans have not yet heard the story of the United States arming the Muslim Brotherhood, aka Egypt.

That is understandable as the information disseminating arm of the Obama administration, also called the mainstream media, has not spent much time or effort covering the story.

This fact comes as no particular surprise as it is no different than the total lack of any media attention or effort spent trying to get to the bottom of the U.S. failure in Benghazi that led to the attack of U.S. sovereign territory and the death of our citizens.

To compensate for this colossal and systemic failure on the part of the MSM, this is an editorial on the U.S aid heading to Egypt by way of National Review.

"After it came to light that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president called Jews “bloodsuckers” and the “descendants of apes and pigs,” one would think our allegedly civil-rights-oriented and anti-racist administration would start thinking twice about supporting a man and a government that are trying to whip their population into a frenzy of hatred against our closest regional ally. Indeed, the White House called the statements “deeply offensive,” and the State Department declared they “should be repudiated firmly.”

Repudiated firmly . . . but by someone else apparently. As Fox News reported this morning, four brand-new F-16s — part of a planned total delivery of 20 — are on their way to Egypt today, courtesy of the American taxpayer. That’s the calculus of Obama’s foreign policy: display rank bigotry and hatred against an ally — get free F-16s.

The genesis of this fiscal and strategic atrocity is a 2010 deal with the Mubarak administration, where Mubarak ordered 20 F-16s and 200 M1 Abrams main battle tanks as part of a then-standard military aid package. The Mubarak administration, for all its domestic flaws, was a U.S. ally that had kept the peace with Israel for decades. That regime is gone, replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood and its shariah-focused constitution, but — mysteriously — we remain committed to fulfilling the 2010 weapons order.

I know that I’m just a caveman lawyer, and the ways of liberal diplomacy frighten and confuse me, but one thing I do know — in an era of record deficits — you don’t give free fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood."


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