Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Political Cartoons: Obama playing politics with the debt ceiling debate!

These cartoons may be funny to look at but the stories that they tell about the decimation of  the U.S. financial system by this President are very frightening!

True to form President Obama has taken a national crisis, namely the upcoming fight to raise the nations debt limit, and politicized it purely for the purpose of winning some kind of game at the expense of the American people.

He campaigns, misleads, pontificates and finger points using half-truths and fear mongering tactics that look to place the Republican Party at the heart of all of the country's ills if he, the President, is not given carte blanch to spend without oversight and the free reign to raise the U.S. borrowing limit at his whim.

Of course none of what the President and his Democrat brethren are saying is true because, as clearly stated by the rating agency Fitch, raising the debt ceiling in the absence of any real efforts to reign in the deficits will likely be the cause of another rating downgrade for the country at some point in the near future.

What the media and the President conveniently focus on is the fact that Fitch will look unkindly on the U.S. continually playing a game of chicken with the debt ceiling.

What the media and the President also conveniently choose to ignore is the other part of the Fitch statement which will either be an afterthought in news coverage or not mentioned at all.

"Fitch is not advocating any particular policy, but we are making the point that regular episodes of running up against the debt ceiling generates considerable uncertainty and undermines confidence in the predictability and reliability of the federal government as a borrower...

...But the firm also noted that failure by Congress and the White House to agree on a plan to reduce the deficit could lead to a credit-rating downgrade later this year "even if another debt-ceiling crisis is averted." (Source)

The debt ceiling debate is just the latest example of President Obama using his bully pulpit to plant the seed in the American people's minds that the blame for any negative result is squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party.

And as I have discussed in the past, the American Sheeple believe whatever it is that they are told!

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