Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bloomberg did IT in NY! Will Obama try to do IT in Washington? (Hint - H. J. RES. 15)

What is IT? IT is a change in term limit laws that cleared the way for a 3rd Bloomberg term as Mayor of New York. Will Obama attempt to do the same in Washington?

In 2008 Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York campaigned to change the term limit laws, was successful in doing so, and in 2009 won his 3rd-term in office which many New Yorkers now wish had never happened.

President Barack Obama, now beginning his 2nd-term in the White House, would likely appreciate nothing more than the potential for a 3rd-term during which he could really finish off whatever makeover he is trying to effectuate on the United States.

While unlikely, with the power of the Executive Order pen and the full cooperation of both the Democrat Party and the mainstream media, I can put nothing out of the reach of this administration that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals!

The first but likely not the last salvo of attempts to repeal the limitation on "the number of terms an individual can serve as President"?


While it likely has a 0% chance of receiving any consideration in the House, the fact that it was even presented points to the importance that the Republican Party retain the House and/or win the Senate.

H/T Andrea Shea King

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