Thursday, January 10, 2013

Video debunking the war on women!

But first, for the next four years does this cartoon accurately depict the troika responsible for the national security of the United States? If so, then God help us all!

The first-term of Barack Obama clearly showed that he has no interest in national security matters and in fact would like to outsource America's to the United Nations.

That or ignore it altogether with results that include the embassy attack in Benghazi and Iran now likely possessing at least the capability and raw materials necessary to put together a nuclear bomb.

In his one true job as President Obama has been an utter failure and so far his Cabinet picks have not sent a message that things will get any better during the next four years!

On a brighter note, the following video released by Chicks on the Right sends a clear message to conservative women and women in general that if there is a so-called war on women, it's not coming from conservatives or Republicans.

It shows that it emanates from elsewhere with the silence, hypocrisy or false rhetoric from liberals offering tacit approval. This is a fact that should come as no surprise to anyone.

What a feminist looks like!

Cartoon Stupid Frogs

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