Friday, January 18, 2013

Americans die while Obama...

Source: Western Journalism
Issues statements like this one from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: The U.S. is "seeking clarity from the government of Algeria."

Clarity? This about covers clarity! Americans are dead in Algeria and Benghazi while al-Qaeda trains in Mali all while Barack Obama does what he always does! Issue predictable, worthless and empty rhetoric that is believed by no one, especially our enemies!

Groups like al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are actually emboldened by the knowledge (assuming that current performance can be predicted by past actions) that more likely than not their murderous rampages or provocative moves will be met by nothing stronger than a White House statement or a U.N. reprimand.

The deaths of Americans at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi has yet to be either explained or avenged and will likely be resolved by the Obama administration running out the clock with the help of the media. Throughout his first term this has proven to be an extremely successful tactic for the President!

Now U.S. citizens have been killed in Algeria, a region that appears to potentially be the newest front in the worlds war on terror which also goes by the moniker of Obama's overseas contingency operation.

And does this attack on an energy installation indicate that terrorists now plan to focus on hitting softer targets that could impact the free flow of oil to the west and by extension the worlds economies?

As much as the President had tried to claim that the killing of Osama bin Laden in some way brought terrorism to an end, as with so many things he couldn't have been more miserably wrong!

It is quite unfortunate for Americans and for America's allies that these foreign policy and national security events do not fit into the narrative, story-line or list of priorities that the Obama administration has set for itself.

And so they don't address them in any meaningful way so as not to disturb any self-serving political gamesmanship taking place on Capitol Hill.

For them, what happens outside of the country can and should be handled by others such as the United Nations or in the case of the hostages by Algerian Special Forces and even the French.

This fact seems to hold true whether or not American citizens have been killed or U.S. sovereign territory in the form of our foreign embassies have been attacked.

For Barack Obama, his jobs one, two and three are to destroy Republicans by playing politics with critical domestic issues like the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling, foment class warfare by vilifying the rich while at the same time raising taxes on the middle class and finally attempting to structurally change the United States into a socialist nation.

Issues like protecting the country from forces who would like us gone from earth do not even seem to make it onto the President's radar.

That is despite the following: "...Senior U.S. officials have described both the hostage seizure in Algeria and the Islamist rebellion in neighboring Mali as evidence of a metastasizing threat from al Qaeda, with terrorist franchises under the umbrella of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) erupting across parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East from Algeria to Syria. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said this week that the United States should "do whatever we can to try to stop the momentum of AQIM..." (Source)

While it is still early in the 2014-mid-term election cycle, remember that as is always the case, elections have consequences and this past election has had the consequence of making the world a less safe place!

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