Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 out of 7 President's embroiled in sexual scandal have been Democrats*!

Ashley Dupre was Albany, NY, not Washington D.C., based! Source: Playboy
While that statistic is based on a relatively small sample size, the one topic in Washington, D.C. that actually does garner bipartisan support is the idea of politicians and infidelity!

And while the list below of cheating presidents leans heavily to the left, I am sure that in other corridors of power the ratio is much closer to 50-50.

This is because it must be remembered that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely in a very even-handed and apolitical way!

Presidential sex scandals!

In descending order of magnitude these are some of the presidents who have been involved in extra-marital escapades of a sexual nature since the beginning of the Republic:

#8 Woodrow Wilson - D

#7 Dwight D. Eisenhower - R

#6 Franklin D. Roosevelt - D

#5 Grover Cleveland - D

#4 Warren G. Harding - R

#3 John F. Kennedy - D

#2 Bill Clinton - D

#1 Thomas Jefferson - D, R

*The 8th in this list is Thomas Jefferson who is designated by both party's. The term sexual was added to the title for clarity as scandal most assuredly takes place in many other segments of political life as well! 

As a prime example please Google politicians who cheat on their taxes!

For the actual details on each one of the President's sexual dalliances visit Guyism here.

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