Monday, December 10, 2012

Which of these keeps you up at night?

What keeps you up at night?

This is an all-to-common question asked by radio and television show hosts to both business guests regarding the health of the economy and political guests regarding the state of the world.

The purpose is to try and gauge where these pundits think that the next shoe to drop will actually fall!

Do any of the items in this list rise to the level of things that keep you up at night?

Pick as many as apply:

A) Fiscal Cliff
B) Losing your job
C) Finding a job
D) End of the Mayan Calendar
E) Ever being able to retire
F) U.S. being hit by an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack
G) Domestic terror attack by a homegrown terrorist
H) Domestic terror attack by a non-U.S. citizen
I) Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and either using it or giving it to a terrorist group
J) China economically and/or militarily
K) Egypt deteriorating into civil war
L) Syria using chemical weapons on its own people or using it in missiles aimed at another country
M) EU forced to break-up in a non-orderly manner
N) Disruption in the supply of oil from the Middle East
O) Natural disaster
P) An attempt by Barack Obama to alter the law allowing him a 3rd-term in office
Q) Civil unrest in the streets of the United States
R) Coup in Pakistan leading to Islamists taking control of the government and nuclear weapons
S) The ability of the U.S. to manage its current debt load let alone future debt loads when interest rates revert to a normal yield curve
T) Russia under Putin reasserting its muscle around the world
U) North Korea selling nukes to the highest bidder
V) Global warming
W) Mexican drug cartels
X) States running out of money
Y) The US losing its reserve currency status and/or becoming a financial pariah like Greece
Z) Other (Specify)

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