Saturday, December 1, 2012

Video: AFTER the election Jay Leno slams the MSM for its Obama treatment!

Jay Leno says now that some in the mainstream media might be asking Obama real questions,  that the White House better watch out!

I wholeheartedly disagree with that premise for you see, while that would certainly be refreshing, it is way too little way too late!

Where was Leno during the campaign chastising the media and alerting the American people to the fact that the truth they thought that they were getting may not have been the truth at all.

Now that Obama has won a 2nd-term thanks in no small part to the mainstream media never asking any questions of substance, it's already too late.

The sad truth!

What difference does it make if the MSM starts probing for the truth now unless we believe that anyone is listening for the truth or that anyone would care if they heard it?

Or more likely, even if the tough questions were asked by any outlet other than Fox, that we would get a straight and truthful response from the administration responder.

The sad truth is that the only ones actually listening and looking for answers are the ones who have known the truth about Obama and his administration all along.

For the Obamabots of the world it seems that it doesn't matter what is revealed about the man, his background, his failings in office, the failings of the people he has appointed to critical positions or even cover-ups of the truth surrounding issues like the embassy attack in Benghazi or "Fast and Furious".

They just don't seem to care which in effect gives Barack Obama unfettered power to do as he pleases and to say whatever he pleases which will include his proliferation of class warfare coupled with driving the country over the fiscal cliff for political gain.

And then after, who knows what else will come down the road.

The American sheeple need to wake up and take notice or it will be too late by the time that they do!

H/T IOwnTheWorld

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