Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sign the White House petition to help get Jon Hammar released from a Mexico prison!

Update December 21, 2012 9:31 AM EST: From Fox News, "Jon Hammar, the U.S. Marine imprisoned in Mexico on a gun charge, will be released today, Fox News confirms."

Help to get the Obama administration engaged in this process!

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Former Marine Jon Hammar is facing fifteen years in a Mexican jail for bringing an antique gun with papers into Mexico. His parents are desperate to get him out before he is killed.

Jon Hammar came back from Fallujah searching for peace from the horrors of war and found it in surfing. It was that love of the surf that brought him to Mexico with his great-grandfather’s antique rifle, a glorified BB gun. He had papers for the gun and it is not the type of gun that violates Mexican law.

It didn’t matter to the Mexican authorities who lodged serious gun charges against him.

Hammar is currently chained to a bed in a Mexican prison controlled by the vicious Zeta cartel. When he first arrived at the prison and was placed in the general population, his parents received calls from extortionists demanding money for their son’s safety. U.S. diplomats intervened and he was moved into solitary confinement. The threats stopped but he remains in imminent danger.

The Hammars reached out to Washington, but met with resistance.

“The response from everyone is Mexico is a sovereign nation, and, you know, we can’t force them to do anything, which we know, but this is an outrage,” Olivia Hammar said.

His case has the attention, not of U.S. diplomats, but of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., the chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Hammars’ local representative who has vowed to help. (Full article at The Independent Sentinel here)

Read the article at The Independent Sentinel or click here to sign the petition!


  1. It really is the law in mexico. No shotguns with less than a 26 inch barrel.Pistol grips are OK. Now it falls into the catagory of a sawed off shotgun or machine gun.No 10 gauge shotguns. Oh yeah no slug loads either it seems like it is 00 buck or less. No hollow points for rifles. You can get some that are flat on the end so they pass spec sort of. No 30 cal or larger rifles(so you shot a 270 or a 25-06 big deal). No pistols above 380 or 38 special( no 357 mags no 9mm). It is a dumb law but it is the law. Please nobody use this as a resource the gun law is like 100 pages long.

    1. So because he broke a law in basically a technicality, mind you he followed the right steps on the U.S. side, he deserves the sentence they have him, the poor treatment and having his family harassed for extortion?

      Him being in jail has NOTHING to do with a stupid law. Anyone that thinks that is blind or trying to justify their non-action.

      Free my brother!

      Semper Fi!

    2. Band together to free this devil dog. Ooh rah. Jar head for life.