Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unions rioting in the streets of Lansing! The Obama endgame all along? (Assault video)

Barack Obama's incessant politicking on the idea of class warfare has begun paying dividends in the streets of Lansing as unions riot over the passage of "Right-to-work" legislation in Michigan!

He campaigned on a class warfare platform during the presidential race and he continued on with the same line of argument in his talks with "middle-class folks" about what's needed from the Republicans to keep the United States from sliding over the fiscal cliff.

He then went to Michigan on Monday ostensibly with his mission to campaign about the fiscal cliff, but his speech in the video below quickly segued to a divisive discussion designed to fire up his union base on the eve of the Right-to-work vote in the Michigan legislature.

The passage of this law on Tuesday was, by the way, all but a certainty.

The end result yesterday in the streets of Lansing, Michigan was therefore all that any good community organizer could ever have hoped for.

Union workers calling in sick to be there despite the hardship that would cause for employers, parents and municipal governments, coupled with the rising potential for demonstrations, rioting and violence in the streets (See selection Q at "Which of these keeps you up at night").

Job well done Mr. President but it is important to remember that you are no longer a community organizer, no longer campaigning for a second-term in the White House and that in fact you are the leader of all of the citizens of the United States!

Not just of the constituencies that help win you the election!

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