Friday, December 28, 2012

Links to eleven potential 2013 news stories that might be off of your radar (but shouldn't be)!

Because in 2013 there's more facing the United States and the rest of the world than just the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling!

Although you wouldn't know it by watching and listening to the priorities of the Obama administration, or by the performance of our MIA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is apparently on the 21-day disabled list, there are some serious political, social and economic crises brewing both at home and around the globe for 2013.

These are links to articles concerning some of these potential flash points from a variety of different sources.

Global news you need to know about!
  1. Potential escalation of the Japan-China conflict over the Senkaku Islands! "Chinese Aerial Patrols Over Senkaku Islands"
  2. Concerns over the fiscal health of Japan evidenced by the declining value of the Yen! "Here's What's Behind The Collapse Of The Japanese Yen — The Biggest Economic Story In The World"
  3. The relationship between the United States and Russia is strained despite the concessions the Obama administration has made during its 1st-term. This is currently being seen in the pending ban for the adoption of Russian children by U.S. families! "Russian Ban on U.S. Adoptions Reflects Strained Relations"
  4. The chance that the United States spills over the "Dairy Cliff" with milk prices doubling on January 1, 2013! "Get Ready for the Dairy Cliff"
  5. Could the U.S. head over the "Container Cliff" on December 30, 2012 with a strike at the nations ports by the ILA? "The Looming Container Cliff: Longshoreman threaten to shut down the nations ports on Sunday!" Update: It is being reported that as of approximately 11:40 AM on December 28, 2012 an agreement for a 30-day extension has been reached that will avert a strike for now that could have closed U.S. ports!
  6. What will happen next in Syria? Will Assad step-down or will the killing in the civil war continue and who exactly are these rebels that could take over the country? "Russian FM meets Syrian envoy in improbable attempt to revive peace plan"
  7. Is there going to be an escalation in the Israel-Iran conflict over the Iranian nuclear weapons program? "'We will respond to any threat'"
  8. What is the impact of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt going to mean for Israel and the entirety of the Middle East? "The New Egypt: Sharia And The Muslim Brotherhood Triumphant"
  9. Will the EU financial crisis be ending or just beginning to come to a head in 2013? "Looking ahead, Europe faces a difficult 2013"
  10. An overview of other pending issues including Al-Qaeda and Iraq! "Predicting 2013 - Opportunities and Threats"
  11. North Korea nukes, North Korea nukes, North Korea nukes! "AP Exclusive: Photos show NKorea nuclear readiness"

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