Monday, December 31, 2012

God, country, family, party and partisan politics!

Is that how the saying goes? God, country, family, party and partisan politics?

I looked around the Internet and nowhere could I find party and partisan politics in the equation that describes the priorities or responsibilities of elected officials.

Therefore I will personally opt instead for God, country, family, party and partisan politics! Period!

But that's just me. I don't work in Washington and therefore I can have any priorities that suits my conscience.

The people who we send to Washington on the other hand will speechify endlessly about their supposed priorities.  

They will tell you that it's about the folks on Main Street, protecting the middle class, jobs creation, economic growth, fiscal stability, national security and of course reaching out to their friends across the aisle to get the job of legislating done!

They will say it's about keeping the United States in its position as the superpower and world leader it has always been.

Unfortunately, as my mother would say when I was growing up, actions speak much louder than any words ever could.

And the actions are despicable! These representatives in Washington will pass bills without ever having read them, make back-room deals that feather their own nests and vote party over principles at every turn.

They will vote themselves raises, be out of Washington more than they are in it and enjoy the perks of office that aren’t available to the constituents back home that put them in office in the first place. All of this is even more disturbing now as it is taking place during extremely difficult economic times.

Some will indulge in questionable excesses that would get you or I thrown into jail, only to be exonerated by their colleagues who would expect the same treatment in return.

For most of the pariahs in Washington winning an election, regardless of the office won, simply means that it is time to start running for the next election along with everything that process entails.

What about the concept of voting with their consciences and core beliefs over the demands of party leadership?

For these public servants doing that would be an extremely low percentage play as it could mean losing committee appointments or other goodies that go along with the territory of being a good party soldier.

So what do they do instead? They go along to get along!

Good for them! Not so good for the American people!

The fiscal cliff and upcoming debate about raising the debt ceiling for the federal government are perfect examples.

What are critical decisions for the current and future economic viability of the United States have instead been turned into nothing but a partisan pissing match.

One side panders to the emotions of the American people while the other side seeks to take responsible action to reduce spending and cut the deficits that if left unchecked will at some point turn the United States into the equivalent of Greece.

The end result of these back and forth “negotiations”? Nothing of any substance will get done, the US economy will suffer while the elected officials will point fingers at the other side attempting gain an edge in the opinion polls.

And the big losers will be the American people who will end up paying the price.

Despicable performance in a country where true political leadership has become a lost art!

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