Friday, December 14, 2012

Fiscal Cliff: "Hey Boehner, your marketing sucks!" (Poll results)

Fiscal Cliff negotiations: The Presidential PR machine simply works better than Boehner's PR machine!

What do you get when you take one-part presidential bully pulpit, one-part mainstream media compliance and one-part superior political party marketing skills?

You get poll results that reflect an American public focused on the only thing that's being hammered away at them in every speech given by Barack Obama or Democrat Party leadership.

That he is trying to protect the middle class, raise taxes on the rich and that the Congressional Republicans are intransigent in their positions that would ultimately hurt every demographic sector of the American people.

Except of course the rich!

While none of this is true, the truth never seems to really matter to the President or the other members of the Democrat Party.

Truth be told the Congressional Republicans have put raising taxes on the wealthy onto the table in return for some spending reforms.

The dirty little secret in all of this that the President and the Democrat Party don't want the American people to realize is that even with these proposed tax hikes on the rich, that the federal government would raise enough additional revenue to fund itself for about 9 days given the current level of federal spending, debt outstanding and of course with interest rates near 0%.

The bottom-line is that entitlement reform is absolutely necessary but not politically expedient for this President!

And when you have the bully pulpit and can hammer away at the same points that the President and Democrats hammer away on with full network coverage each and every day, you get poll results concerning American public feeling over the Republican Party and the fiscal cliff like the ones we are seeing now!

Simple analogy: One parent says yes all of the time whereas the other parent is a disciplinarian who who says no taking the child's long-term best interests to heart.

That is the Democrat versus Republican argument. One is popular masses while the other is necessary for the long-term viability of the country.

Poll source: Pew

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