Friday, December 21, 2012

End of time update: Psy and Gangnam Style YouTube video at 998,000,000 views!

Good morning! It's December 21, 2012! As we reach the end of the Mayan calendar this afternoon are the pieces of one of the Nostradamus prophecies falling neatly into place?

Or is it simply an indication that society likes to listen and watch crap?

Remember this formula? Nostradamus prophecy + Mayan Calendar + Gangnam Style = End of the world!

From an article at TPC this Nostradamus prophecy could be interpreted to mean that the end of time will come when the Psy YouTube video Gangnam Style reaches 1,000,000,000 views.

The number 998,000,000 in the picture above is as of 5:00 AM EST December 21, 2012! To recap this is the end of time interpretation:

"From the calm morning, the end will come

When of the dancing horse the number of circles will be 9."

  1. Korea is known as "the land of the morning calm";
  2. Rapper Psy is from South Korea;
  3. In the video "Gangnam Style" horses and a simulated horse dance both play a significant role; and
  4. With the video closing in on 1 billion views the nine circles would be provided (1,000,000,000)!
  5. ?

What is your prediction? Please get them in quickly!

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