Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chart of federal income taxes if we plunge off of the "Fiscal Cliff"!

Some members of Congress photographed arriving back in Washington from Christmas vacation!
Congress and the President make their way back to Washington today, fresh off of their taxpayer funded vacation! 

Will they begin serious work doing the peoples business or continue to play the dangerous game of partisan politics at the expense of the American people?

And is this episode of the game merely a prelude to the even more serious one that will begin in a couple of weeks when the debt ceiling discussions begin!

Unfortunately I think that we already know the answers to these questions.

Now if you've been wondering why there's so much fuss revolving around the fiscal cliff negotiations, this chart of federal tax liability if we plunge over the edge will tell you the story!

New federal tax liability on the other side of the fiscal cliff!

Source: New York Post

H/T The rightscoop

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