Monday, December 24, 2012

Video: Syrian rebels after allegedly inhaling toxic gas!

If the Assad regime in Syria moves past our "red-line" by using chemical weapons will President Obama simply move the "red-line"?

This video may indicate that the Assad government has crossed President Obama's "red-line" by using chemical weapons against the rebels.

Or, as some suggest, this video from Al-Jazeera could be a fake designed to provoke a military reaction from outside of Syria.

According to Israel National News, "Al Jazeera said six people were paralyzed and four others were blinded by the toxic gas bombs, and 63 other suffered other injuries." (Source)

Either way the larger question in this civil war during which over 40,000 Syrian civilians have been killed might be whether the use of chemical weapons will move Obama to take action or simply move the "red-line" again?

The answer to this has implications well beyond the Syria border as it would speak volumes to both friends and foes of the U.S. regarding the degree to which Barack Obama can be held to his word concerning issues of both foreign policy and U.S. national security.

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