Saturday, November 17, 2012

Presenting the Democrat plan for going over the fiscal cliff!

Sound cynical? Maybe! Realistic? Most definitely! Paranoid? Only because everyone is out to get me!

The first thing is that we all need to agree that the Democrat Party, led by Barack Obama, is interested in only one thing? Maintaining power and transforming the country to the European model.

And while Republicans are also keenly interested in maintaining their hold on power, the methodologies that each side is willing to utilize to achieve this goal seems to be much different.

Democrats you see, at least to my untrained eye, appear to be much more willing to employ self-serving extremes under the guise of doing what is in the best interests of the country.

If and when you come to agree with my premise, you will also come to understand my view concerning the unfortunate reality surrounding the "Fiscal Cliff" that the country is now facing.

My fear is that for the Democrat Party to achieve its political goals, its methodology for dealing with the fiscal cliff needs to include a willingness to destroy the economy and the fiscal integrity of the United States.

How can that be you ask? How could the very people elected to serve the people in effect go about trying to destroy them merely for political gain or ideology?

What is the endgame they could possibly hope to achieve by pushing us over this fiscal cliff, an event that all seem to agree at least in rhetorical terms, cannot be allowed occur?

The answer is based on the self-serving and self-dealing of Democrat politicians. I will explain utilizing my hypothesis and opinions below.

Could this 14-step program for going over the fiscal cliff be an accurate rendition of the Democrat plan?
  1. Let's first assume that Barack Obama and potentially others in his party operate under some or all of the principles for radical "change" put forth by Saul Alinsky many decades ago (See Obama-Alinsky here).
  2. Under this assumption we have keenly observed the constant attempts to divide the country along financial lines. It is almost as if the President and others in his party seek to turn the majority of Americans against other Americans who have worked hard and achieved financial gain as if this achievement in some way needs to be punished and the people who did the achieving looked at with disdain.
  3. The President, now having won his second-term, will attempt to appear as if his goal is to truly some achieving some meeting of the minds with Republicans over spending cuts and tax reform that will allow the fiscal cliff to be avoided.
  4. At the same time his constant rhetoric will look to make it abundantly clear that he is the protector of the middle class and that the "rich" "millionaire and billionaire" Americans making over $250,000 a year will need to pay much more as well as that any proposed entitlement reform cannot hurt anyone currently receiving it.
  5. He will use non-stop and consistent rhetoric to paint Republicans as the party of the rich who have no concern for those in the country who struggle while at the same time professing his desire to reach a deal.
  6. The rest of the Democrat Party will follow this lead and whenever they are in front of a camera will use similar speech to appear as champions of the downtrodden while painting the Republicans as the protectors of the rich while also stating that averting financial disaster for the country is their primary concern.
  7. Understanding this the Republican leadership will try to soften its tone in order to do their best to negotiate with the Democrats in good faith. They will bend and cave but will only be able to do so up to a point.
  8. This is because the Democrat Party, as some members have already done, will try to take entitlement reform and many other spending cuts off of the table. They will use this extremely populist position understanding that ordinary Americans do not want to see these programs touched, no matter how badly the status quo will lead the country towards financial armageddon.
  9. While all of this is going on the days leading up to January 1st will quickly tick by and nothing will have been done.
  10. In the meantime the rhetoric from the Left will grow louder and louder concerning the intransigent positions of the Republicans that they will say focus on protecting the "millionaires and billionaires."
  11. Emboldened due to his self-professed election day mandate from the voters (although this election was anything but) the President will make appearance after appearance on whatever shows he can find. He will also have more press conferences between now and the end of the year than he had in his entire first-term berating the Republican Party for putting its own self-interests ahead of the country's.
  12. While the exact opposite is actually true the American sheeple will believe what they are being told by both the President and the mainstream media who is in the tank for the Democrat Party.
  13. Unfortunately my prediction therefore is that for these stated political and ideological reasons and goals the President will force the United States off of the fiscal cliff and lay the blame at the feet of the Republican Party in the hopes that it will ensure Democrat Party victory in the future and cement the idea of class warfare within the minds of the American people.
  14. Soon thereafter a compromise will be struck but the damage will have already been done and the pump of the Saul Alinsky model will have been primed.

Sound farfetched? I hope that it is but I fear that it isn't!

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