Friday, November 23, 2012

Obama, Clinton and Morsi: Oops I did it again!

The Arab Spring 1 turns into the Arab Spring 2 in Tahrir Square and elsewhere around Egypt!

Thanks in part to the strong urging on the part of Barack Obama almost two years ago, Hosni Mubarak was forced out of office in Egypt leading to a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the government there.

The Obama administration either misread the potential for that group to win in democratic elections or perhaps this was the desired outcome all along.

The main result of the regime change to this point has been the increased threat to the safety and security of the United States only true ally in the region, Israel.

Now fast forward to the recent "peace" negotiations between Israel and Hamas and the prominent role apparently played by the Morsi government in helping to get it done.

While any cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is tenuous at best, the Obama administration led by Hillary Clinton on the ground has been effusive in its praise of Morsi, perhaps to an extreme.

Coincidently, only days later and perhaps emboldened by his perceived newfound status with Washington, Morsi has now announced that he in effect has sweeping dictatorial powers that usurps any opposition by the Egyptian legislature.

Consequently there are new and violent riots taking place in Tahrir Square in Cairo and elsewhere around the country between protestors calling for the Morsi to be thrown out of office and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Ironically in Tahrir Square Part 2 the protestors are chanting "Morsi is Mubarak" and "Revolution Everywhere."

Why is it that the Obama administration always seem to be the last to catch-on to the obvious?

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