Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel - WWOD?

Israel: A nation surrounded by mortal enemies!
WWOD? What will Obama do?

But first some global math: If Hamas fires 300 rockets into Israel without provocation while indiscriminately trying to kill women and children, and Israel finally retaliates with precision fire to take out the Hamas leader who ordered said indiscriminate firing, who is to blame and which side is the target of worldwide condemnation?

Answer: Not surprisingly it is Israel of course!

He has provided his typical rhetoric that Israel has the right to defend itself but when push comes to shove, if the crisis escalates what will our Commander-in-Chief actually do.

Will he continue to cede decision making to the United Nations with our U.S. interests being managed by the Ambassador of incompetence Susan Rice, or will he do what he is being paid to do and protect the interests of our allies.

I am afraid that I already know which he will do but perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised and he will actually do his job as POTUS!

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