Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has been a "big f---ing deal!" in NY, NJ and CT!

To quote VP Joe Biden (and there are few quotable words that ever come out of that mouth unless stupidity is your goal), Hurricane Sandy has been absolutely devastating to parts of the northeast in terms of loss of life, property, economy, personal safety and quite possible future!

Personally my loss has been a lack of heat and electricity since the afternoon of Monday, October 29th.

For that, I am one of the lucky Hurricane Sandy victims who has much to be thankful for.

I have friends who have had power restored and who have opened their doors and their hearts to my family in the way that you would hope for but not necessarily fully expect in the times that we live in.

For that I am one of the extremely lucky Hurricane Sandy victims.

I have stores in my area with food and supplies on the shelves and restaurants that have food to serve along with the staff to serve it along with a credit card with an available credit line that allows me to use it.

Given these things I am once again part of the lucky Hurricane Sandy victims.

None of my family or friends have been injured or worse although some have faced loss of home or property.

Again, lucky Hurricane Sandy victim!

When you and those you love have their health and lives, trivial inconveniences you may be facing don't really seem to matter much and in fact you count yourself (or should count yourself) incredibly fortunate!

But with humans being humans, however, everyone doesn't necessarily see it that way! People bemoan the slow return of power and the lines for gas that may not be available when you get to the front of the line.

They complain about being cold when another blanket on top of them will solve the problem. Maybe the complaint is having to drink instant coffee instead of coffee pot coffee or of having to taking a cold shower instead of the hot one that we take for granted.

That goes along with the human nature concept that says something along the lines of "my sore thumb hurting worse than your sore thumb".

In other words no matter how truly bad things may be around you, some are prevented from ever seeing the true scope of the tragedy compared to their own relative good fortune!

While I have tried to keep politics out of this tragedy, Hurricane Sandy was a one-day PR diversion for Barack Obama on the heals of his failing grade performance surrounding the embassy attack in Benghazi. Now it's back to business as usual for our Campaigner-in-Chief.

Finally, it seems to this untrained eye that the national reaction to Hurricane Sandy vis-a-vis Hurricane Katrina has been, and continues to be, muted to say the least.

To repeat, Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath is a "Big f---ing deal!"

Hurricane Sandy Horror Stories!

" shorefront stretches of Staten Island and Queens that were all but demolished, and in broad sections of New Jersey and Long Island, gasoline was still almost impossible to come by, electricity was still lacking, temperatures were dropping and worried homeowners wondered when help would finally arrive..." (NYT)

Providing a point of reference for some in the northeast, but more for those around the rest of the country for whom Hurricane Sandy was a temporary headline on the frontpage or brief storyline on the evening news, here are just a few of the horror stories that have taken place and that currently still exist for those who unlike me are not one of the lucky Hurricane Sandy victims.

Breezy Point, Queens one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in terms of lost life after September 11, 2001, was hit by a fire during Hurricane Sandy that destroyed over 100 homes.

Far Rockaway, Queens was hit hard by Sandy as the picture shows, with residents by some accounts facing up to a month without power. "Some Rockaways residents said the combination of cold homes, lack of adequate hygiene, and increased street crime after dark would be too much to bear for much longer." (DNA).

Staten Island, New York has had the highest death toll from Hurricane Sandy, but for residents there the feeling exists that they have been the forgotten NYC borough by both the politicians and state officials.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey, a place that that for many is only known through a television show that bears its name, is an iconic destination for some and a home for others that has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy facing a long, long road to recovery.

And so on, and so, on and so on!

Be prepared for an emergency with stored food and water for your home!


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