Monday, November 26, 2012

Quotable quotes about Democrats and potential Obama book titles!

A sampler of quotable quotes and potential titles for Barack Obama's next literary undertaking!

Watching football on Sunday while scrolling through Twitter I found some interesting quotes as well as a hashtag called #ObamasNextBook.

This hashtag will provide the President with some ideas for appropriate (and some not so appropriate) names for his next book.

I am always amazed by the thoughtfulness and creativity of people so I thought I would post some here. If anyone has some of their own I would love to hear them as well.

Quotable Quotes!

"For every bad idea there is a constituency"

"You Really Can Fool Half the People All of the Time"

"In politics, when everything is said and done, nothing is actually said or done."

"The tooth fairy exists, Santa Claus is coming & Obama will fix everything" 

"Obama so loves the poor that he's Creating Millions More!! 

"Obamacare meets reality and reality wins." 


1001 excuses: How to blame others for your failures!

Diary of a Wimpy President!

1001 ways I like to spend your money!

The Audacity of Broke!

The Obamunist Manifesto!

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