Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big-time mention by BigFurHat!

I could paraphrase the post at where The Political Commentator was recognized but instead I will simply copy, paste and link back!

I would also recommend that be on everyone's daily reading list along with the other great blogs included in this article. From IOWT:

"Well, Look at That"

Here are 6 Blogs that you’ll be glad you read.  Add these to the bookmarks on your web browser and visit them on a regular basis.
It benefits all of us in the Tea Party movement if we stay connected through a variety of networks, keep the conversation going, and get information from several different sources.  These 6 are examples of blogs that tend to support Tea Party principles and they deserve our support.
Bloggers thrive on comments and traffic.  So when you go to these blogs do four simple things.
  1. Read the posts and find some that interest you.
  2. Comment on the posts and join the conversation.
  3. Share links to the stories that interest you by copying the web URLs and posting them on Facebook.
  4. Go back on a regular basis to stay up-to-date.
Six Blogs to Add to Your Routine
Angry White Dude
The Political Commentator
The Rio Norte Line
Thank you for continuing the fight!
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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