Monday, October 15, 2012

What type of airline would Obama Air be?

Southwest over Air France  

If Barack Obama ran an airline, what type of airline would that be?

We've heard it over and over again the past four years that Barack Obama has occupied the White House.   

He will tell you that the successful people in the United States are greedy, slovenly and self-centered individuals whose climb has been at the expense of, and on the backs of, those who are not.  

And he'll say more! Some verbally and some through the past that he so conveniently laid out in his book, "Dreams from my Father"! Things like:  
  • The need for shared sacrifice.
  • The need for millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share as if operating under the tax rules as they are written today is somehow a criminal act.
  • How Occupy Wall Street was simply an organized movement by disenfranchised individuals angry at the bankers who are accused of putting the country into an economic tailspin when in reality OWS was comprised mostly of radicals, unions and anarchists.
  • How he feels that if you are successful then "you didn't build that" because without the overall collective helping you it wouldn't have happened.
  • The fact of the President's mentoring as a young man by Frank Marshall Davis who was a card-carrying communist.
  • His relationship with radicals like Bill Ayers and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright who both have had issues with American society.
And ironically while he is saying and thinking these things about society and wealth he is at the same time hobnobbing with the very people who he claims to detest.  

So what business model would Barack Obama choose if instead of POTUS he was a CEO running an airline?  

Would the inside cabin look something like this one at Air France where not all passengers are created equal and those enjoying First or Business Class are doing so at the expense of those riding in Coach?  

Where the passengers in First or Business Class are treated like royalty while those in Coach, well, not so much! And isn't it the front of the plane that Americans aspire to achieve one day?

Or would Barack Obama instead choose to run his company in the style of Southwest Airlines? An airline where all passengers are treated the same and there is no incentive whatsoever to get to the front of the plane because it is no nicer than the back?


My fear is that the answer to this question frames Barack Obama's ultimate goal which is to achieve a Southwest-type society in the United States. A society that is in effect the antithesis of the capitalist society that has made the United States great until now!

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