Saturday, October 6, 2012

Video: Should President Obama have been allowed to use his teleprompter during the debate?

What's the most unbelievable part of this video that asks whether Obama should have been allowed to use his teleprompter in the debate? 

Is it the stupidity of the question or the stupidity of the answers?

The question was asked tongue-in-cheek to people who gave answers that were extremely serious so it isn't the question that's stupid.

But what about the people answering? Here lies the crux of the problem with this election when you have part of an electorate who is completely and blindly dedicated to a candidate from whom they have such low expectations.

Do they not understand that a debate is a spontaneous give and take to questions you didn't know beforehand?

That words for spontaneous banter can't be scripted and therefore can't put into a machine.

Or, is anything that goes wrong for Obama always attributable to some unfair cause that's beyond his control?

The man is President of the United States and if he is not capable of going head to head with a challenger for 90 minutes in a substantive discussion, then maybe he shouldn't be!

Teleprompter or no Teleprompter? Fair or Unfair?

H/T Common Cents

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