Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing Barack Obama, America's (very expensive) Guest!

Above and beyond the massive waste of taxpayer dollars paying for Barack Obama's campaign and fundraising junkets around the country, he is costing local governments fortunes!

Fortunes that cash-strapped city governments and local entities don't have!

America's Guest: To freeload or bum off friends or in the case of Barack Obama the taxpayers of the United States and those cities "fortunate" enough to have him visit. The term additionally means that there is no need to ever carry money or to have any expectation that you wil ever have to pay the borrowed money back!

Today's lucky city is Denver, Colorado for the presidential debate but bccause New York City is one of the President's favorite donation fishing grounds his visits are a constant monetary drain on the City of New York as well as on entities such as the Port Authority.

And none of this money takes into consideration the incalculable cost from business interruption as whole sections of NYC can be shutdown at any time for presidential motorcades.

From the New York Post, "...PA breakdowns show each presidential trip costs the agency roughly $100,000. The first lady’s visits run about $75,000 apiece.

Those figures, of course, don’t include additional overtime expenses borne by the NYPD or those unfortunate enough to get caught up in the presidential gridlock that comes to town with the Obamas.

The costs include everything from securing Air Force One on a secluded stretch of airport tarmac to handling the press that typically attends presidential arrivals and departures."

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