Friday, October 12, 2012

Debate Camp: This is where your tax dollars are going this weekend!

Barack Obama will forego the peoples business the next four days to attend a Debate Boot Camp in Williamsburg, Virginia!

When I say that Barack Obama will be spending some time away from doing his job to train for next weeks debate it sounds a little bit like not doing his job is the exception and not the rule.

The way it was phrased makes it seem as if time spent away from the White House and of doing his actual job including things like giving press conferences, holding Cabinet Meetings, hunkering down with his economic team, dealing with national security issues and working with our allies is an aberration and not the rule.

Truth be told, however, this is the absolute norm for this President who is seemingly concerned ONLY with the job of trying to get reelected and not with job of doing his job.

So this weekend he is off the campaign trail and into Debate Camp!

Can anyone imagine what the cost of Debate Camp for the President will be?

For some context I know that on the East Coast summer camp for kids can run in the $10,000 range for 8 weeks but this excursion will no doubt be costing taxpayers a little bit more than that. If I had to venture a guess I would put an estimate in the many multiple millions of dollars.

Now for arguments sake let's say that spending the weekend in Debate Camp is a good use of a Presidents time. Why does he need to p__s away our money by having to do everything that it takes to have a POTUS go anywhere?

Was Camp David already booked for the weekend by a convention of teachers from New Jersey. Is the White House being fumigated so having his Debate Camp there was out of the question? He couldn't kick Biden out of his house for the weekend and practice there?

Just a thought but the U.S. budget deficit problem could potentially be solved if the Obama's were forced to stay in Washington and only leave on true political trips that would have to be approved first by the Congress. Here is what we are paying him to do the next four days:

"...President Obama is headed for training camp this weekend — debate training, that is — and promising his supporters a more aggressive performance in Tuesday's rematch with Republican rival Mitt Romney.

"I think it's fair to say that we will see a little more activity at the next one," Obama told radio host Tom Joyner.

Obama will work on his rhetorical punches, policy jabs and other forms of political pugilism at "debate camp" in Williamsburg, Va. He is scheduled to arrive in Williamsburg on Saturday and leave Tuesday, when he heads north for the debate at Hofstra University on New York's Long Island..." (Source)

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