Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Benjamin Netanyahu tells the U.N. a frightening tale and he tells it very well! (Video)

The Netanyahu speech at the United Nations was chilling in its content and masterful in its delivery!

The crux of the speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the United Nations was that Iran's progress in its quest to acquire nuclear weapons is nearing an endgame!

He stated that the rogue nation is well on its way to completing Stage-2 of a 3-Stage process and that this is a fact that can be confirmed using documentation available to the general public through the IAEA.

And, as he so clearly explains, once Stage-2 is completed (estimates are that could be as soon as Spring or Summer 2013) there would be mere weeks left until Stage-3 is completed and the country has it first nuclear weapon (that we know of).

Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the country that is number one on any Iranian hit-list, asks where should the world draw a redline beyond which Iran cannot be allowed to go?

The news out of Iran is bad, there is no question about that fact!

But if anything can be learned from the P.M.'s speech it is not so much that Iran will have the bomb if not stopped and stopped soon.

Everyone in the world knows that this is fact but only Israel will have the guts and the absolute need to step up to do it.

  • Barack Obama has a campaign to run so he can't get involved. He couldn't even get involved when America was attacked in Libya and U.S. citizens were killed!
  • The media can't get involved because their one job is to protect Barack Obama, no matter what! This is clearly evidenced by the continued lack of any press on possible crimes in the "Fast and Furious" scandal and the cover-up by the Obama administration of the cause of the Libya attacks.
  • Middle East governments can't do it because as much as they cannot tolerate Iran with a bomb they risk social upheaval by appearing to be on the side of Israel.
  • Other countries around the world won't do anything until such time as they believe their own people or more likely their own political careers are at risk.
Therefore the world sits on the precipice of having whole regions potentially incinerated and does nothing to stop it while at the same time attempting to stop Israel from doing what they have to do.

Benjamin Netanyahu laid out a compelling argument at the United Nations using presentation techniques that included the use of imagery and clear arguments that left nothing to the imagination.

The problem is that the world is not interested in hearing.

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