Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barack Obama: Pictures from Debate Camp!

It's fine for Barack Obama to have a political tin ear because no one in the media ever questions anything that he does!

On Friday I wrote an article that discussed the way in which President Obama squanders the American peoples tax dollars through his personal enjoyment of some of the finer things in life.

The article was titled "Debate Camp: This is where your tax dollars are going this weekend!" and it examined not only the fact that Barack Obama spends very little time doing the actual job that we pay him for, but that he spends our tax money frivolously as well.

I opined at the time as to why his "Debate Camp" couldn't be held in the White House or, if for some reason that would not suffice, the taxpayer funded Camp David presidential retreat.

Instead "Debate Camp" is being held at a luxury golf resort in Williamsburg, Virginia by the name Kingsmill.

One can only wonder how many multiple millions of dollars it is costing you and I to prep Obama for this debate in the run-up to an election that he wants to win in order to get back into office so that he can waste our money all over again for another four years.

Let's just hope he's able to find the time to fit in a round or two of golf.

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