Monday, October 15, 2012

A report from a Debate Camp "insider" at Kingsmill!

This note is from an "innocent bystander" who was merely going to a convention at Kingsmill when the President and his entourage so rudely intruded!

"I was at Kingsmill this weekend for a chiropractic conference and we had to go through metal detectors to get to our classes, the SS wanted to run us out of a program Friday evening so they could prepare for Obama's arrival. we did not see him, but did see the vast number of black sedans, vans, motorcycles that arrived Saturday afternoon...causing many of the visitors to the resort delays in their own vacation plans! A portable cell tower was erected on site. Many of us asked the same questions, How much is this costing the Amercan taxpayers? What was wrong with Camp David? At Kingsmill, not only did the president have a private residence, but all those that joined him needed places to stay at Kingsmill. Well I hope the beautiful surroundings of the golf courses and James River will help him get ready for his debate Tuesday because he will need it."

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