Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What the hell is happening in Chicago? Some points of interest! (Video)

Needless to say the Cubs will not appear in the World Series but that's not the real story in Chicago this year!

Welcome to Chicago, "The City That Works" - Mayor Richard J. Daley

Ironically this quote from Mayor Daley does not seem to apply to the CTU where it's apparently NOT all about the children or the parents but is about greed and protecting turf!

Possible update: Overnight the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) may have considered ending its strike and going back to work!

Some green shoots of hope have emerged from the depths of this mess as some teachers, Barack Obama's staunchest allies, expressed thoughts of NOT voting for the President due to the deafening silence that is coming from the White House on this issue! (Video below)

In relation to the strikers should the systemic failure of the Chicago School System be rewarded on the backs of the taxpayers of the State of Illinois or should the teachers be held accountable in some Reaganesque/PATCO sort of way? 

Finally do the schools belong to the teachers as they chant in the first video or to the people of the city who pay for them to work there? Consider:
  • Facts: Chicago school teachers earn thousands more on average per year than a typical college graduate in Chicago. $71,000 versus $$48,866!
  • Four out of ten freshman entering the Chicago school system don't graduate from the school system! 
  • Chicago teachers on average work shorter school days and a shorter school year than their peers in the 10 largest cities in America. 
  • Deficits will soon run in the billions and it's not just the people of Chicago who pay with 35% of the funding for Chicago schools coming from outside the city!
Welcome to Chicago!

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