Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watcher's Council "Choice between two inferior candidates" Edition

Is this really the best that America can do having to choose between the least-worst of two candidates?

Apparently it is so the only choice for the American people to gain the chance of putting the United States back on track is a vote for Mitt Romney! 

The reason? We've seen what Barack Obama has done and not done and heard about what he has planned and it is the exact definition of the wrong track! 

A case in point? The U.S. was attacked in Libya on September 11 with an Ambassador killed. 

Other than campaign events in Las Vegas and in New York City with Beyonce and Jay-Z  and elsewhere around the country along with appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, what is the President doing about it? 

Besides of course attempting to call it anything but what it actually is which a terrorist attack on the United Sates.

The Watcher's Council

These are the Watcher's Council nominations for the week of September 17, 2012!

For those who may be enjoying their first Watcher's Council experience, it is a group that consists of some of the top conservative bloggers from around the world.

A group that The Political Commentator is extremely proud to have been asked to be part of!

Each week members select and submit an article of their own creation in addition to one article from a non-council blog they find to be particularly topical and important.

While you may not always agree with what you read, that alone may make the experience that much more valuable!

Once the submissions have been received at an undisclosed location hidden somewhere on the Left Coast of the United States, the Watchers Council members then individually vote for their favorites.

Those votes are protected and held by outside auditing firm Arthur Andersen until such time as they are counted and a winner named for the Grand Prize.

This Grand Prize consists of the appreciation of ones peers.

In the end though, we all win because of the range of information and important analysis received on the critical issues of the day.

In a nutshell, the Watcher's Council is the ultimate conservative blog aggregator!

So without further ado the article nominations for the week of September 17, 2012 are...?

Council Submissions

The Noisy Room –Acts of War
The Colossus of Rhodey – Question of the Day
GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD – Fiddling While The Middle East Burns
The Glittering Eye -It’s Not Poverty, Either

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

Mark Steyn –Disgrace in Benghazi submitted by The Noisy Room
American Thinker -American Jews Face Their Days of Awe submitted by The Political Commentator
Bob From Brockley – We Are Not All Julian, and Julian is Not Pussy Riot submitted by Simply Jews
Natural Born Conservative – Labor Force Stagnation Concealed by Obama submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey
Commentary – Critique of Romney is “Israel Lobby” Rerun submitted by GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD
Victor Davis Hanson – Storming Embassies, Killing Ambassadors, and ‘Smart’ Diplomacysubmitted by Joshuapundit
American Spectator – End Times submitted by The Right Planet
The New English Review –The Tyranny of Artistic Modernism submitted by The Razor
Instapundit-Why Barack Obama Should Resign submitted by Bookworm Room
The Onion – No One Murdered Because Of This Image submitted by Rhymes with Right
The Diplomad 2.0 – We Are Not at War…Just Under Attack submitted by The Glittering Eye
Right Turn/Jennifer Rubin -Ryan never had a partner in the Oval office submitted by Gay Patriot
The Kitchen Dispatch –From 9/11: The Emergence of an Honorable Virtue submitted by The Mellow Jihadi
Barry Rubin – What Really Happened in Egypt and Libya: A Simple Answer and a Surprising Onesubmitted by The Independent Sentinel
Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Muslim Rage & The Last Gasp of Islamic Hate submitted by The Watcher
Rush Limbaugh – A Golden Opportunity For Mitt Romney submitted by The Watcher

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