Thursday, September 27, 2012

Video: Whose side is Barack Obama on?

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Is this video about the life and times of Barack Obama the truth or propaganda?

Some sample website comments

And as long as the Media never holds him accountable, he will remain in the lay-up line, occasionally doing a 360 spin, a left handed finger roll, a fake pass reverse layup under the basket, etc... He will never play the big boy game, never team up with a nation to make a tough decision, never assist an ally with a hostile neighbor. Look what he did this week! The View, Letterman, Jay Z, Pimp w. Limp, each time striking fantastic victory poses, swishing his lay-up, and getting back_ in line.

Churchill stood for everything Obama is against. Freedom, Capitalism & reestablishment of Israel. Obama is a Communist Muslim who's "boss" the shadow president George Soros is an unrepentant Nazi who professionally overthrows governments by breaking their constitution. He's behind Occupy, The Arab Spring & works with the Muslim Brotherhood to put us all under Sharia. In his 5 steps to overthrow a government, the end culminates at elections.Be prepared & VOTE for FREEDOM! ROMNEY /_ RYAN 2012!!!!!

First, please allow me to point out that you conflate Iran with its unpopular government leadership. The bulk of the populace wants to live in peace & prosperity & doesn't have any major issue with non-immediate neighbors. Israel is justified to be concerned. If I were Israel & the speeches of the Iranian leader were actually what_ they'd been translated to be, I would pre-emptively strike when the bomb development reached a point where something had to be done. That point is apparently not near.

Bommo has plainly_ stated that the USA will not allow Iran to have a nuclear bomb. That is clear. So calm down. What bugs you guys is that he bristles at the mistreatment of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine--as does the rest of the world. You see, he's not brainwashed by the relentless brainwashing by the Israel lobby, unlike most of the sheeple in the US.

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