Thursday, September 27, 2012

Video: Cleveland voter on why Obama gets her vote and why Mitt Romney sucks!

A Democrat at a Romney rally in Cleveland attempts to give the reasons for why Obama gets her vote and for why Mitt Romney "sucks!"

I was driving from one meeting to another this afternoon and listening to the Rush Limbaugh show when he aired a tape of a woman who had attended a Mitt Romney rally in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday.

This woman was pro-Obama and anti-Romney for reasons that have nothing to do with foreign policy, domestic policy or for that matter any policy at all.

Bottom-line? Obama gets her vote because of free phones. The dialogue needs to be listened to to be believed but at the end of the day, is it really all that surprising?

Translated from The Blaze:

“Everybody in Cleveland, low minorities, got Obama phone. Keep Obama in president, you know. He gave us a phone, he gonna do more.”

The person shooting the video asks, How did he give you a phone? To which the woman replies: “You sign up! If you on food stamps, you on social security, you got low income, you disability…”

The video includes a cut at that point and picks up with the filmer asking “What’s wrong with Romney?”

Without blinking, the passionate Obama supporter says:

“Romney, he sucks! Bad.”

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