Friday, September 7, 2012

Breaking up can be hard to do but Obama has simply left her no choice! (Video)

Sometimes remaining with the status quo simply represents the path of least resistance but, sometimes, making the move to what's right is just to damn important to take the easy way out!

This video is for all of you Democrats and Independents out there who know in your heart that four more years of Obama will be devastating for the United States. It's for those of you who remain on the fence but who...
  • ...know the United States needs to be on a new path.
  • ...are aware that our global standing under this President has been damaged and needs to be recovered and that sometimes you can't be friends with everyone but need to be feared.
  • ...want a President who spends more time doing the peoples business than his own business of golf, fundraising and campaigning. 
  • ...unites the country rather than traveling the country dividing and pitting different segments of society against each other.
  • willing to explain their past rather than hiding from it. Not in some smoke and mirror game like the one surrounding Romney's tax returns. One example asks how a mentor and spiritual advisor like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who gives awards to Louis Farrakhan, can be satisfactorily explained to the American people.
  • ...want to know how this President plans to deal with national security issues without ceding it to the United Nations to act as our proxy.
  • ...would like to know how he didn't see the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt coming and who still sent them $1.5 billion in military aid.
  • ...uses the killing of Osama bin Laden as his one claim to fame when the reality is that he tried to use everything at his disposal to not pull the trigger. And who after is said to have compromised our national security to gain political points.
  • ...would really like to understand how after four years on the job this President accepts blame for nothing that has occurred on his watch.
  • ...would like to know why John McCain was vilified for selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate when there are few people anyone would less like to see as VP than the one slice short of a sandwich gaffe-machine, Joe Biden.
  • ...want to know his real ideas and real plans for getting the United States back its footing and not just rhetoric meant to diminish his opponent. 
...this video of "The Breakup" is the perfect start.

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