Wednesday, September 12, 2012

U.S. under attack in Libya and Egypt! Where's Waldo? (Update)

Update 9/12/2012 12:15 PMDoes Barack Obama = Jimmy Carter or is that just too great an insult to the former worst president in the history of the country, Jimmy Carter?

The U.S. is under attack and the Middle East is about ready to explode! What are the plans of Barack Obama for dealing with this crisis?

10:35 AM 9/12/2012: Deliver a statement of predictable rhetoric that no one, particularly our enemies, will take seriously. When asked if what had taken place basically on U.S. soil represents an act of war, the leader of the free world turned his back and walked away without providing a response. After all he had a plane to catch!
11:30 AM (approx.) 9/12/2012: The President will board Air Force One to travel to Las Vegas in order to campaign and fundraise. If as an American this is how you want your President to treat the gravity of an international crisis with potentially far-reaching implications then by all means vote for him in November. If not then vote for change.

Embassy's in Libya and Egypt under attack and the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three others were killed!

Is this an act of war against the United States? What will President Obama do besides strongly condemn the acts and then get back onto the campaign trail.

Here is a flashback to an article at TPC a mere 5 days ago:

"...As I like to say the job of President entails more than just economic and job issues here at home. It also has a big foreign policy and national security component as well.

The President and his minions will try and point to the killing of Osama bin Laden as some type of badge of  national security success when I believe the President did his level best to avoid taking the 9/11 mastermind out.

But, because words and rhetoric are cheap, you have John Kerry forcefully telling us during his speech that Osama bin Laden will not be reporting for duty, any more!

Well Mr. President I hate to cloud fantasy with reality but there are some events taking place around the world and I think that the American people deserve to know what you plan on doing about them..."

Here is his chance to show the country what his leadership looks like. 

Will he pass the test? 
Will he fail the test?
Will he take strong and decisive action or will he apologize for the fact that some film made by an American made these terrorists angry?
Will he try to appease them with billions more in aid?
Will he apply some of his "shovel ready" empty rhetoric about how this can't happen while at the same time it does?
Will he just go about his business as usual and campaign?

Place your bets here!

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