Saturday, September 15, 2012

This cartoon has sparked no riots and no killings!

the Onion cartoon at the link below takes on the religious controversy that has sparked riots, killing and anti-west venom across the Middle East and Northern Africa!

We know only too well in the U.S. that religion can sometimes be the catalyst for deadly violence. We have seen it on our soil in the murder that took place in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and most recently on the 11th anniversary of that attack when our Ambassador to Libya and three of his associates were brutally murdered.

The violence and killing we are witnessing now in the Middle East and Northern Africa is over an internet film made in the U.S. that has been called an insult to the Prophet Mohammed.

the Onion makes a religious statement!

the Onion has posted a cartoon at the link below (Warning: Adult Content and NSFW) that depicts over-the-top treatment of religious leaders from faiths including Judaism, Christianity and others to make a point.

The cartoon is blasphemous, intolerant, filthy and on a variety of other levels just plain wrong!

But while disgust and anger over this picture is more than understandable, rioting and killing in the name of religion is not.

And as the headline at the Onion reads, "No One Murdered Because Of This Image!" (Click here)

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