Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Science: Fighting Sepsis through crowdsourcing and online gaming! (Video)

If you've ever witnessed or heard about someones fight to survive sepsis you know how important it is to find better and more reliable ways to treat it!

It's said that the worst places to be if you are sick is the hospital or on a battlefield due to the fact that a weakened immune system and exposed wounds offers the ideal breeding ground for deadly infections.

Sepsis is one of these with the immune system attacking itself to try and fight the onslaught of this blood infection that permeates tissues and fluids inside the body.

I personally watched a successful fight but depending on age, the patients strength and the immediacy and quality of treatment the odds of survival varies greatly.

A crowdsourcing game described in this video can use the power of the internet in a gaming environment to try and find solutions to this and many other scientific problems and mysteries.

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