Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chia Pets: Settling Obama-Romney in a mano a mano capitalist battle!

Instead of spending hundreds of millions on campaign ads why not settle the 2012 presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama the American way!

While this concept may be slightly foreign to Barack Obama it would entail utilizing the good old-fashioned American ideal of capitalism. In other words let the consumer decide which one of these candidates that they want to see in office.

But first, a mainstream media moment!

Using this method will help to cut through the bias, lies, half-truths and media distortions that are being fed to an unsuspecting public like the one I read in New York Newsday this morning that appeared on page A4 in the "top Stories" written by Ed O'Keefe and Rosalind Helderman.

In this article "Romney switches focus" the "journalists" spent an entire article leaning to the left and then finished with a sharp slap to the right saying the strategy of the Romney campaign is to "...add the word "redistribution" to the list of well-worn right-wing attack lines including "Are you better off" and Drill baby, drill."

Is that what passes for objective content these days? "Well-worn right-wing attack lines?"

The Solution: Chia Presidents!

Let's track sales from now until the election and the better selling Chia wins. Good luck gentlemen and may the better capitalist, man, win!


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