Monday, September 17, 2012

Who would you want to lead you out of a foxhole, Barack Obama or Eli Manning?

Pick the leader: Obama or Eli Manning?
It's a choice between loud, divisive, egocentric, narcissistic and ineffective rhetoric versus quiet, "effective and responsible leadership" that simply gets the job done! 

In an effort to provide full disclosure and total transparency I am a New York Jets fan and frequent critic of the interception-prone Eli Manning and the ugly "winning ways" of the New York Giants.

That said please take careful notice of two simple phrases from above..."effective and responsible leadership" and "winning ways!"

While the New York Jets have a loud and flamboyant coach, a quarterback who goes by the nickname "The Sanchise" and now "Tebowmania", the Giants provide demonstrated success having won two Super Bowl rings in the last four years with an oft-maligned quarterback in Eli Manning who has two Super Bowl MVPs at the helm.

Who can forget this Eli Manning escape and throw and the David Tyree "miracle" catch from the 2008 Super Bowl?

During the same period of time the NY Jets, having all of the attention focused at them on the biggest stage in the sports world, have nothing to show for it.

Yesterday was no exception to the script as Eli Manning played an horrendous first half of football against the Tampa Bay Bucs throwing three interceptions and going into halftime down 24-13.

The final score? Giants 41-Tampa Bay 34 and Eli Manning having a career day of 510 yards and 25 fourth quarter points.

The Jets? 27-10 losers versus the Pittsburgh Steeler!

Manning could have put his head down and blamed a variety of people for that first half of football and pointed towards the next game. Instead he rallied his "troops" and led the Giants to an improbable comeback win!

For the good of the country can Barack Obama learn something from the way in which Eli Manning goes about his business?

Barack Obama is running for a second-term in the White House after what can only be termed as an abysmal first-term in office (when someone or something other than the mainstream media objectively looks at the results).

Unfortunately for the American people it appears that there may be some gross misunderstanding by this President and his administration over the term mentioned above, "winning ways!"

It seems that the President has failed to grasp the concept that winning ways refers to the entire country and not just his reelection bid. That team effort is not just the ObamaBiden2012 team but the United States of America team!

In actions unbecoming of a true leader, Barack Obama has been purely a partisan and divisive leader. Not strong and not uniting during a period in the nations history when we face a great deal of crisis on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts.

Once again, the President to this outside observer seems to possess an un-leader like personal agenda and not one in which he seeks a winning strategy for his entire "team" consisting of ALL of the American people!"

Instead of approaching his job as President like a strong team leader would by looking after the greater good of the country, he seems only to be looking out for himself by doing whatever he feels necessary to win in November.

And if in attempting to achieve his endgame of a second-term the country needs to take some hits,  the attitude out of the White House appears to be that this is okay.

And now a look at the phrase, "responsible leadership!"

Are the failures of the economy fours years into a presidency still solely attributable to President Bush? Regardless of the validity of this thought, Barack Obama is the President and from what we are led to believe (again by his teammates in the MSM) a true leader of the country.

He ran for a job knowing the challenges and pitfalls. He therefore needs to take some personal responsibility for the results achieved (or in this case not achieved) on his watch!

On the foreign policy and national security fronts, the United States is, despite the best efforts of this President, still the world superpower and as such he needs to comport himself accordingly.

This means to display strong and decisive leadership regardless of the situation and not apologizing for what the United States is and what it stands for.

As the leader he needs to make the tough decisions and portray a persona that brings a sense of confidence to the people of the country.

A prime example of failed leadership is how the President approached the period of time soon after our sovereign territory was invaded in Libya and Egypt and four people including our Ambassador were brutally murdered.

Did the President send a sharp and unmistakable message that the United States would find and kill the people responsible for these acts and that if the governments of the two countries were found in any way complicit that all aid would be cut off and that they too would face harsh consequences?

No, the President issued a tepid, passionless and scripted response that for the most part included only accolades for the service of the Ambassador to Libya who was murdered. He took no questions and left immediately for a campaign swing beginning in Las Vegas.

This is not leadership! My respectful suggestion to the President would be that he watch some New York Giants game films to find out what leadership actually does looks like. 

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