Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama and the pizza guy bear-hug stinks to high heaven! (Update)

Update 9/11/2012 2:30 PM: The meeting at Big Apple was no regular pie as was first thought by anyone ignorant enough to believe that a citizen could put a President of the United States into a bear-hug with no one from the Secret Service anywhere close by.

No this set-up was ordered from the special menu as President Obama and his campaign apparently set this whole pizza-guy bear-hug charade up to show that a Republican from New York was in love with Barack Obama. 

Reports indicate that Scott van Duzer visited the White House in July. 

Naturally, even though the entire "chance" meeting was a sham and a calculated photo-op, the MSM is taking shots at the Republicans for pointing out this disingenuous and dishonest campaign stunt. Go figure.

The Obama-Pizza Guy bear hug stinks like a large pie with extra anchovies!

I may be cynical...alright I absolutely am cynical but there's just something about this "spontaneous" hug-fest between President Obama and a Republican small business owner turned Obamabot that just doesn't sit right with me.

Now in the first place I don't know much about the inner workings of the Secret Service other than the fact that they generally don't leave the Presidents side and are there to try and prevent physical contact of the type we see in the picture below from occurring.

Isn't something missing...like the Secret Service?
In this episode of "As the President Turns" the story goes that the security detail had done some advance work at Big Apple Pizza to make sure that there were no sharp objects around. But, would that give them the leeway to remove themselves from the situation completely while a stranger had his way with the President?

It seems to this casual observer that the only way that there could have been enough of a comfort level for the Secret Service to have been nowhere in sight would be if the Obama campaign team set it all up in advance.

In their minds could there be a better photo-op than to have a...

  • registered Republican
  • small business owner
  • transplanted New Yorker living in Florida
  • family man
...throw himself at the President and profess his love for the man and intention to vote for him in November? In what appears to be a masterful PR stunt that will likely have some legs I tip my hat to the Obama team.

Now if only they could pull off the ultimate stunt and sometime between now and the election have him appear in the Oval Office actually working for the the money that we pay him.

That, however, is a trick that I don't think we will be seeing!

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