Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Must watch video on jobs: Barack Obama, master manipulator!

The statement above is from a speech President Obama gave on June 14, 2012!

On its surface the results of his 1st-term in office look as if they are not so bad at all.

In fact to the casual observer who has even the most basic understanding of where the economy stood when Barack Obama took office the numbers actually sound like a rousing success!

But as in most things, when a politician opens his or her mouth, a closer look at what they are claiming to be the truth needs to be taken. This statement is bipartisan in nature.

In this case there is a very large difference between the technical truth of this statement about jobs and the economy arrived at by the President through his use of smoke and mirrors, distortions and manipulation of the facts and what the actual facts really are saying.

The truth about jobs (Video and graphic courtesy of Political Math)!

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