Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hey Barack the U.S. is under attack! What are you going to do next? (Video)

Update 9/14/2012 10:43 AM: Reuters reports protesters scale walls of US Embassy compound in Tunis, Tunisia, break windows and set fires. Meanwhile, Associated Press reports Marine team being sent to secure US Embassy in Yemen.

Where's Waldo?: Surprisingly he happens to be in Washington for the following that may or may not include meetings with his national security staff.

-- Welcome the 2012 U.S. Olympians and Paralympians to the White House to honor their participation and success in this year's Summer Games in London.
-- Meet Biden for lunch.
-- Attend a campaign event at a private residence.

Is he going to eat pizza?
Hey Barack, the United States has been attacked in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and our Ambassador to Libya has been murdered in what some might call an act of war! What are you going to do next?

While it's astounding that a question like this has to be asked of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States at a time when acts of war have been committed against us we are in atypical times with an atypical leader at the helm of the country!

Therefore I ask the question of what Barack Obama is planning to do with multiple potential answers below. Choose all that apply:
  1. Tell the leaders of Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood) that effective immediately and until the situation in that country is brought under control that all U.S. aid stops immediately.
  2. Issue standard rhetoric that the United States strongly condemns these actions. 
  3. Immediately issue a statement that with or without the help of the Libyan government we will find and kill those responsible for the death of our Ambassador and three of his staff.
  4. Hold a press conference answering all questions regarding the events and how the U.S. is planning to respond.
  5. Head to a campaign event.
  6. Make an immediate tie-in to the fact that these attacks occurring on the anniversary of September 11 was no coincidence.
  7. Somehow differentiate and rationalize, at least in your own mind, a country at war with business as usual.
  8. Look to deflect the actions and inactions of the administration by sending up the typical smokescreen that attacks Romney for politicizing the tragic events with the MSM playing right along with you.
  9. Call attention to the fact that the insignificant video made by some unknown American which was being used by Muslims as an excuse for rioting and killing should not have been made because it offended Muslims.
  10. Make Jimmy Carter look good.
  11. Ignore the fact that it is open season worldwide on Catholics and Jews, particularly in Muslim dominated countries, and that somehow in those cases there is no rioting or killing.
  12. Insult (again) and further isolate our only true ally in the region, Israel, whose strong leader Netanyahu Barack Obama might consider emulating. 
  13. Head to a campaign event.
  14. Show the Arab world and the rest of our "allies" such as Russia and China that the U.S. has a strong leader and the country is not to be trifled with.
  15. Deflect current White House impotence by attacking your political opponent.
  16. Finally, when understanding the political ramifications for your handling of the events in the Middle East, you start to try and act like a President whose is effectively at war. Not because you want to but because you want to win an election.
  17. Head to a campaign event.
  18. Your going to Disney World!
Correct answers: 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and maybe 18.

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