Thursday, September 20, 2012

For former President Bill Clinton, "payback's a bitch"! (Animated video update)

Video Update:

No pun intended but a rumor is circulating that former White House concubine Monica Lewinsky may be planning on writing a tell-all book about her Oval Office exploits!

It's incredible to most that the perjury and obstruction of justice charges leading to impeachment by the House of Representatives couldn't dim the luster of the teflon POTUS. Just ask the crowd and President Obama who couldn't get enough at the recent DNC. A book like this, however, just might.

The potential for this book being written has been denied in the Huffington Post while being reported as more likely to happen at sources including Slate.

From the Daily Mail:
  • Former White House intern, now 39, 'will detail encounters in new book'
  • She 'will describe how he went on about his desire for threesomes'
  • Clinton 'said he thought Hillary was also looking for love outside marriage'
  • Lewinsky will also detail pain of ending pregnancy during scandal
  • She is 'writing book out of revenge as she has struggled with relationships and jobs after the scandal while Clinton escaped unscathed'

Read the full article here.

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