Friday, September 7, 2012

Ahem! Excuse me Mr. President! I hate to interrupt a man when he's speechifying but...

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Last night at DNC 2012 President Obama accepted his Party's nomination and presented his laundry list for things he plans to accomplish in a second term!

Forget about the fact that he accomplished none of what he promised in 2008 because the mainstream media and the Party faithful don't like to get caught up in trivial and meaningless details.

If Barack Obama says he will get it done than who are we mere mortals to dispute it?

I kid of course as the economy and jobs are no better than when he began spending our trillions and now he wants to spend even more in a second term.

But the reason for this article is not domestic in nature.

As I like to say the job of President entails more than just economic and job issues here at home. It also has a big foreign policy and national security component as well.

The President and his minions will try and point to the killing of Osama bin Laden as some type of badge of  national security success when I believe the President did his level best to avoid taking the 9/11 mastermind out.

But, because words and rhetoric are cheap, you have John Kerry forcefully telling us during his speech that Osama bin Laden will not be reporting for duty, any more!

Well Mr. President I hate to cloud fantasy with reality but there are some events taking place around the world and I think that the American people deserve to know what you plan on doing about them.

Of course any answer can wait until after you are done speechifying!

I will try to make it simple by providing links to articles that discuss these disparate events and I will monitor my comments section in case you respond.

Foreign Policy and National Security Issues

Issue 1 - Iran is apparently using Iraqi airspace to fly "stuff" to Syria. Do you think that our "friends" the Iraqis should be letting this happen? "US senators warn Iraq over Iran shipments to Syria"

Issue 2 - Are there WMDs in Syria and if so what are you planning to do about it? "Iraq's WMD Secreted in Syria, Sada Says"

Issue 3 - If Pakistani nuclear sites are coming under attack from terrorists what do you plan on doing? "Fear of Taliban strike on Pak nuclear site, forces on alert"

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