Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Chicago teacher: I want this job! (Graphic)

Would you like a job that has an average salary of $76,000, a 9-month work year, no way of getting fired and no-one looking over your shoulder rating your performance?

Sounds pretty good right? On top of all that how about being offered a 16% raise when the majority of Americans who still have jobs haven't seen a raise in years and would be afraid to ask for one?

How about having the POTUS in your corner going to bat for you because he knows that your union members are his campaign ground-force and huge contributors to his campaign coffers?

Did you answer yes to all of those questions?

Then you want to be a City of Chicago teacher!

While it all sounds great, what would happen if the big, bad and broke City of Chicago wanted some things from you or in some way wasn't willing to meet all of your demands?

For example what if you were a teacher or CTU boss who wanted a much larger raise despite the fact that the city in which you work, Chicago, is in terrible financial shape and can't afford the one they offered?

What if you didn't want your job performance evaluated or to have the potential of being let go if you were one of the lesser teachers?

In other words what if your job resembled that of any private-sector worker in the country?

Would you do what the Chicago teachers have done and selfishly go out on strike leaving hundreds of thousands of kids without education (or a place to go) and their parents with no choice but to take time off from their own work to care for the kids?

Perhaps Rahm Emanuel should take a lesson from Ronald Reagan and do what he did when PATCO went out on strike in 1981!

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